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Testimonial from Parents

As parents, we entrust our precious son to teachers at The Little Tree House everyday. I am grateful for the loving care and guidance he receives from his teachers daily. We are blessed with teachers who understand our sons individuality, and teaches and guides him with love, patience and grace.

They help him overcome his areas of weaknesses and encourages him to build up his areas of strengths. It gives us such joy to see our son learning and maturing so much since he started at The Little Tree House. He continues to share with us his activities at school with such passion and excitement. Thank you for the amazing work the teachers are doing at The Little Tree House, especially Teacher Eunice and Teacher Zie who personally teach our son.

Li Ching & Kelvin (Luke Wee's Parents)

Testimonial 3 (Mobile)


We looked at several preschool before finally settling on The Little Tree House. It’s always the first impression that matters. Our four year old son Adhvik just liked it on first sight. We were greeted by friendly faces every step of the way and the tour of the school were completed by a very competent and friendly headmistress. We were sold at that point. Five months later, we are pleased with the progress Adhvik has made. He is already beginning to read and write reasonably well and has picked up good values along the way. The introduction of Mandarin was an added bonus. The location of the school in a mall is both safe and conducive given the hot Malaysian weather, but also allows access to the Jungle Gym during playtime. I think it’s a very comprehensive, well balanced and fun preschool for our son. Most importantly, Adhvik simply enjoys school. He looks forward to going back to school even after the holidays. I don’t think we could have asked for a better place to introduce school to our son.

Chandran & Low Lee Huei

(Adhvik’s Parents)

Xin Ying is a highly sensitive child that notices every subtlety, very easily overwhelmed by change and has very intense emotions. I struggled for almost 2 years to look for a school that could fit Xin Ying “emotionally”. My husband and I looked at many schools and when I walked into The Little Tree House (TLTH), I instantly knew it was the best choice by the way I felt when I was there. TLTH is Xin Ying’s third school.

With great teachers and staff, Xin Ying was able to make a smooth transition. I have seen so much growth in her since starting. She feels at ease in school and is developing constantly. I also noticed that she could learn more effectively with the positive classroom environment and emotional support provided by TLTH. As a result, her self-esteem increases and she is motivated to engage in the learning process. She loves bringing back homework, textbooks from the school to read to me or borrowing books from the school library, and enjoys working on her school projects.

Xin Ying is so happy at TLTH and loves going to school every day. That is the highest praise I can give to the teachers at TLTH. I think the teachers in TLTH are just working miracles. TLTH has truly created a strong foundation for enthusiasm of a child’s education.

The saying, “It takes a village to raise a child”, is so true and I am so grateful to have TLTH to be part of my village! Please continue your good work.

Wee Sean & Keng Ching

(Xin Ying’s Parents)

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