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Testimonial from Parents

Dear Mrs Ong,

First and foremost, let us congratulate you and your wonderful team for successfully setting up The Little Tree House and running as smoothly as you guys have. We are truly impressed with how well things are going, and we really have the peace of mind, knowing that Miranda is at a place of useful learning, which not only nurtures her mind, but her character as she grows up.

Looking back on the first week of school, we were very impressed at how quickly Miranda’s anxiety at leaving us turned into eagerness to get to school early. We certainly didn’t expect her to like school so soon, or continue liking it so much.

Fast forward 6 months, she still as eager to get to school early, and is especially excited on Sunday nights as she knows there’s school the next day, following the weekend break. She’d even want us to visit the school during term breaks, as if to make sure that the school is still there. We believe that this is due to the good work and care that you and your teachers have carried out on a daily basis.

We use the word “teachers” as Miranda constantly talks about all teachers, but of course special mentions go out to her time in P1, with teacher Eunice and Teacher Zie, as well as her current time in P2, Teacher Esther and Teacher Lydia. That being said, when we asked her to whom would she like to make the present for Teacher’s Day celebration, she mentioned each and every one of her teacher’s name so mommy and daddy had to get more materials for all teachers :)

We all know how fast children pick up new things, but we were very impressed at the lessons she’s learnt in school, and how she applies it in her daily life. The best joys are seeing how independent she is, and how she interacts with her peers.

Being the only child at home, we believe that this was a result from her interactions with the other children at school. She would really take to heart the lessons learnt in school (kindness theme) and even ‘teach’ mommy and daddy on how to be kind to others.

Lastly, we were initially planning on trying out The Little Tree House for only a year, as we live quite far from school.

However, we are very encouraged by what we have seen and have decided for Miranda to stay on as we are very happy to see her so excited about school. As learning is a life long journey, we feel that your school is providing Miranda with the perfect platform to begin this journey, and help her cultivate the joy of learning.

Thank you, and we wish you every success with the school.

Chris Soong and Khye Yee

(Miranda’s Parents)

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